Lodi Affiliate Activities


Sally Irizary (l) & Carol Ross (r) attending EF Luncheon

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AAUW Lodi has financially supported sending middle school-aged girls to Tech Trek, a special science and math camp, for many years. We send at least 4 girls. The camp is a week-long experience for girls interested in math and science.  To this end, it is our branch’s involvement in the National Girls Collaborative movement, which seeks to promote the participation of girls in educational areas traditionally seen as male-dominated areas. Following their experience at camp, the girls return for our kick-off luncheon in August to share their stories. Our branch provides mentors for each girl and will keep track for 5 years. As mentors, we create activities we can enjoy with our mentees. 


GAL-livanters Outing

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FUNDRAISING • Salad or soup supper – At $10 a person, the money goes to the Legal Advocacy Fund (LAF), which supports women facing discrimination in education and work. 

• Bunco fundraiser--Our major fundraiser is now in its 8th year.  Last year we netted $7900.

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Couples Supper Club

We award four $1,000 scholarships, one to each high school in Lodi Unified. Extra weight will be given to an AVID student, to a student interested in studying in a math or science-related area, and to a girl, preferably.  A committee sorts through all of the applications and scholarships are awarded at the schools' Awards Night.  Fundraiser to be announced.

Every month in the newsletter members’ birthdays are listed along with famous women who have made a difference in life. The club sends a card and members donate for their birthdays. The proceeds go to the Education Foundation (EF), the oldest and largest non-university program of graduate fellowships for women in the U.S.


Bunco Fundraiser

Every month in our newsletter, our Public Policy chairwoman enlightens us to AAUW’s policy on issues affecting women and children, primarily equity in pay, in the workplace, in education, health care, and reproduction. The summaries keep us informed and politically aware and active.

For nine years our branch has participated in the annual Festival of Trees held the first week-end in December as part of the San Joaquin Historical Society and Museum's celebration. Members collaborate for several months to come up with a theme tree. It is a wonderful way to network and to present our branch to the public.

A SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT OUR SPEAKERS THIS YEAR:  The monthly programs in some aspect reflect the AAUW Public Policy Priorities and Goals that support the AAUW mission.